Marlene Colmenares

CFO and Wealth Acquisition Coach

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Creators Of Wealth Agency Is An Ambitious Wealth Acquisition Company. Focused On Money, Mindset And Motivation. Harnessing Wealth Management Tools, Techniques And Resources Needed To Create Strategies And Serve Clients With Individualized And Comprehensive Financial Guidance.



Creating a long term wealth is key in life & in business. We provide everythig from life insurance, budgeting, yax preparations & investments.


Creating a powerful mindset to match your financial walth is important. We offer coaching 1:1 or in a group setting for individuals, executives and corporations.

Budgeting & Tax Tools

We the industries leading wealth building tools for our clients and industry leaders.

About Marlene Colmenares

Marlene Colmenares comes to Creators of Change as the Social Media Director and Wealth Acquisition Coach, with over 10 years of expertise. She graduated with an emphasis in Business as she spent multiple years growing companies from single digit employees to over 100 with her client implementation strategies. Her time servicing small and large corporations have ingrained her critical values and integrity, growth and excellence. She is a firm believer in providing education around building wealth, having a positive mindset and motivating others to perform at optimal excellence. She is responsible in growing companies and coaching individuals to be financially prepared. Marlene currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona

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